Xiah Junsu 36 – FC MEN

Ohh Junsu 선수 !! Your dream came true, I’m proud ! I like so much soccer too ! Then I couldn’t let it go without making a wallpaper. Then I made this especially for him ! I will be glad if he can see it ! Since I’m good to make soccer artwork with my work, I wanted to make this since a long time ! And thanks a lot for fans photos~ I hope you like it ^o^ FC MEN 화이팅 !

Edited : Ohhh 유천 spoke about my last wallpaper of 준수 at JYJ meeting last saturday ! Thank you very much~ >< I would like to see this ㅋㅋ

Micky Yoochun from JYJ : Recently, I’ve been preparing for the concert and we’ve prepared new songs.. oh…that… we went to watch Junsu’s musical once and saw that he played soccer through the internet and there’s this fan who watched Junsu played and made a wallpaper out of it… thinking that he’s a soccer player.. Yes.. I’ve been spending my days with pleasure… credit : wp.me/p1jZzn-mb

1920×1200 – 1680×1050 – 1440×900 – 1366×768 –  1280×1024 – 1280×800 – 1024×768 – 640×960

credit : 오레오레, junsudot.com, picnicxiah.com
credit wallpaper : www.meyli.fr

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