I didn’t have much time this week-end to finish the wallpaper cause I invited my friends to watch 김준수 뮤지컬 콘서트 DVD at my home ! 와~ It was so great ^o^ even 1 hours of making of ! 캬~ 준수 is a genius~ and so cute ^^

I just find out that this picture release in color today, but actually I prefer it in black and white. I think I can’t post it on DNBN anymore ’cause they support only JYJ and I understand. I still like them, their songs, voices and skill then I will keep making wallpaper of them like before.

I would like to make a new wallpaper of 샤차르트, I will think about it~ Thanks everyone to keep watching me !


credit : ; SM Ent.
credit wallpaper :

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