Song Joong Ki

캬~ I couldn’t resist anymore to make a wallpaper like this ^^ 아이구 9 hours of work ㅠㅠ Please love him ㅋㅋ P.S. : He is really handsome in real ^^* cute boy~ I think I found a fan from Joseon dynasty ! Ah the poem is not from Joseon dynasty unfortunately ㅠㅠ  difficult to find peom with translation on internet.

I like this one :

Kim Chon Su


Before I spoke his name he was simply one set of gestures, nothing more.
Then I spoke his name, he came to me and became a flower.
Just as I spoke his name, I hope that someone will speak my name, one right for my color and perfume.
I long to go to him and become his flower.
We all of us long to become something.
You for me, and I for you, we long to become a never-to-be-forgotten gaze.


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credit : KBS Drama 성균관 스캔들 ; « Qian Xuan – Early Autumn » ; Kim Chon Su Poem « Flower »
credit wallpaper :

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