ㅠoㅠ Two week-end without wallpapers, I’m sorry.. sometimes I’m not inspired by any pictures ㅋㅋ but 준수 is back with his friends ㅋㅋ Since everyone liked my last wallpaper of Junsu, even JYJ 🙂 Again thanks to 유천오빠to talk about my wallpaper last time ! I hope JYJ, 현중 and Beast will like this one !! So please again share it a lot ! It’s all thanks to you !! FC MEN must win next match again !! Support them, put this wallpaper ! I made different iPhone wallpaper for each « player » ㅋㅋ If you are currious about how I made it, look at the original picture as always I upload them at the bottom of the page.

640×960 All640×960 Junsu640×960 Hyun Joong640×960 Du Jun640×960 Gi Gwang

credit : FC MEN, Peace Star Cup, Blue Wings, chosun.com, xsportsnews, Lieblich, adidas
credit wallpaper : www.meyli.fr

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